On November 8, Azerbaijan celebrates Victory Day in the 44-day Patriotic War. This date marked the restoration of the republic’s territorial integrity. Three years ago the Azerbaijani army liberated the ancient city of Shusha from Armenian occupation. Shusha operation finally broke the morale of the Armenian army and forced Yerevan to stop resistance and capitulate. This date according to the order of the Azerbaijani lider is celebrated as Victory Day

On November 10, three days after the liberation of Shusha a trilateral agreement on the cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of the Armenian illegal armed groups from the Azerbaijani territory was signed with Russian mediation. But the Armenians didn’t get it seriously that the situation had changed drastically and continued their futile attempts to gain a foothold on Azerbaijani territory. Supreme Commander Ilham Aliev and according to his decision Foreign Affairs Minister Jeyhun Bayramov tried to settle down all issues in a peace way. They sincerely tried to sign a peace treaty without using force. We have insisted that Armenian prime-minister Nikol Pashinyan honour the agreements reached. However, despite the Azerbaijan’s diplomatic efforts, Yerevan continued an underground struggle against Baku resorting to the most vile means. Such as mining of the Azerbaijani territory, theatrical performances with “starving” people which purpose was to mislead the foreign community. And even purchase of French weapons for the Armenian military groups in Karabakh.
As it turned out, Armenia used the negotiation process as a coverage for reequipping the army with French weapons and preparing for a new war against Azerbaijan. As the eternal negotiations hadn’t brought the peace treaty but gave Pashinyan time for war preparations and changing situation for the worse Supreme Commander of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev reasonably decided to conduct a local counterterrorist event. It took Azerbaijan less than a day to liberate the remaining territory of Karabakh from illegal the Armenian armed groups, to seize the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh – the city of Khankendi and overthrow the illegitimate separatist government. Historical justice has triumphed. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!
Having met with Azerbaijani unstoppable force Armenian prime-minister had to withdraw, abandoning his own Armenians, including the separatist leaders in Karabakh, and recognize the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan. But, despite this, Armenia still doesn’t fulfill the conditions of the trilateral treaty. According to which Yerevan must unblock transport communications in the region. What is worse, sometimes Armenia pathetically tries to show its teeth, which after previous armed conflicts with Azerbaijan, it doesn’t have many left.
On October, 21 France Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu stated that France will supply Armenia with weapons systems, including Mistral SAM systems, ATGMs, electronic warfare systems and small arms. According to him they should give Armenia an ability to defend itself.
Then a legitimate question arises, from whom Armenia is going to defend itself… Or maybe not to defend but to attack? And highly likely that is why Yerevan is not going to fullfil the conditions of the trilateral treaty which actually saved Armenia from ruin.
It is time for the Armenian nationalists to stop indulging in meaningless dreams and follow Pashinyan’s example by recognizing Karabakh as an integral part of Azerbaijan.
Armenians should remember that the Azerbaijani army is one of best in the region and its power and strength grow day by day. Moreover, brotherly Turkey stands side by side with Azerbaijan. And if one day Yerevan wants to revise the results of the war and seize our Karabakh, the response will be immediate and so harsh that Armenia will be begging for peace with its toothless mouth staying on its knees and then nothing will help.