Welcome DigMuOnline!!!

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» Server: DigMuOnline
» Version: Season8
» Exp: 9999999x
» Drop: 70%

illusion Temple active , ticket sell in NPC Lorencia

Kalima 7 Event Kundun Boss active!!!

Deep Castel Event Boss Erohim Drop FO item in Valley Of Loren (Battel Map) active!!

Gaion Event ....

Mirror of Dimension Event.....

Kanturu Event....



and Goldens all active.

Character Balance has fix.

Castel Siege active.

Castel Siege winner can go Land of Trials map and mob drop

anc item , exc and more..

Jewel Drop is high.

Master Skill All active.

Master LVL 600

3D Camera .

Online time 1h=5 Credits

Vote = 50 Credits

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