To promote website internet advertising we have to think about the design of website. It should be very influential and the matters under it would also be very simple. If this simple to understand then a novice user also traverse the same. Another thing is that promotion is a joint work with the users and developer or owner. We can take different steps to do the same for our web stuffs. We can buy referrals, we can add the banners on the another web pages, we can creates back links etc. We can also take the help of blogs and forums to do the promotion of the same. Physical advertisement may also be influential in this respect but doing so is very hard in huge geographical area. The owner may give the contract to third party for the same at huge scale. The popular webs like google, yahoo, amazone, msn etc. can be used for the promo purposes. The basic idea behind this activity is to get help from different experts for the more advertising with respect to target achievement. 113