HA-Lao shipping company for its new sequence of 13200 TEU container ship equipped by using a card created Gothic tech company's MacGregor C8A is [. Automatic twist lock McGREGOR lately by Germany Lloyd certification, has the advantage of significant protection and help you save time, a escalating amount of shipowners for their application.

C8A-automatic twist lock-in addition to save lots of the ships outdoors the port, you can also shield the protection of cargo handling employees. It really is understood which the [ by unloading cranes to unlock, and does not need to be unlocked manually by stevedores. C8A automatic lock also includes a beneficial locking element, you may manually lock the automatic twist lock. This function allows limit lashing rod and TURNBUCKLE peak electricity, improve the protection of goods.

As transportation such as ships, trains and vans loaded with merchandise, underload, overload and thermal insulation of containers was used into a huge extent. Due to your standardization of container sizes and rugged building lets various stacked containers stacked just one, which makes it easy to load and unload it. In the method of storage and transport containers to stacking containers. This layout will allow the transportation of container cargo in transport at the same time as loading and unloading have already been well secured, these containers are commonly known as ISO containers.

These types of containers are often rectangular, base, top rated, two finishes in the two aspect walls and the partitions. A single conclude wall generally composed by Porta, which ordinarily varieties a pair of doorways. [ with elliptical holes in many cases are established in the corner with the container and you can hook up to and securing of containers.